Straight Talk Nokia E71 Review

nokia E71

The October, 2010 introduction of the Nokia E71 device for Straight Talk’s service resulted in a lot of happy discussion among pay as you go cell customers. This is, in my opinion, the most productive cellphone available for any pre paid company right now. Many other writers of Nokia E71 Straight Talk critical reviews seem to concur: Straight Talk’s Nokia E71 is a great product.

For customers from Straight Talk’s sister businesses (Net10 andTracFone), a smart phone is a product they have been asking for for years. Previously, parent company America Movil was very slow in bringing out mobile phones with new capabilities, leaving users with extremely simple versions to select from. These types of devices generally wound up giving the impression of a phone that could possibly have already been for sale from a post-paid service many years before.

And while the E71 from Nokia, too, was on the market for other companies for a couple years at this point, it truly is a very positive action for prepay buyers as a result of all the functions it provides. Maybe most importantly, it allows for application installation, which can easily be acquired through Nokia’s Ovi application store. Although this shop unquestionably lacks the volume of apps offered in the iPhone or Android markets, there are greater than 5000 alternatives available, spanning the large majority of things anyone could want to undertake while using a mobile phone. A lot of these apps are entirely free, too, which is another positive.

You will also get an even more useful internet browser with the Nokia E71 product when compared to any previous Straight Talk hardware. Among the benefits, it enables full-screen browsing, music streaming, and even flash video via sites including And if the included internet browser fails to meet your needs, you can find several alternative browsers in the Ovi store.

Some of these apps and web browsers also depend on speedy data connections, and this phone fits the bill in this category too. The 3G connection will give you swift data whenever you’re travelling. Additionally, in the event that you are at home or around another wireless hotspot, the built-in wireless receiver provides you with even more rapid transmission transfers (without utilizing your Straight Talk data plan).

Another feature that prepaid cell super users have always been looking for is a mobile phone that will be able to synchronize with a Personal computer to merge calendars, contact lists, and music. Nokia’s Ovi Suite software package allows for that kind of functionality too.

I’ve listed only some of the great functions incorporated on the E71 for Straight Talk. As expected from Nokia, you’ll also find an exceptionally solidly-constructed phone. Nokia is often cited for their outstanding signal reception and audio, and this phone scores highly in those areas at the same time.
I’ve tried to provide you with an effective overview of the capabilities of this device, but really there is so much to talk about that there’s no chance I’ll have space in this small write-up. To get the full story, visit my E71 Straight Talk Review web site.

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Samsung t401g Net10 Review

The Samsung t401g has been my main phone for 11 months, and I really liked it. Simply that I kept so long shows just how much I liked it – since I review prepaid phones as a business, I switch phones frequently. But I ended up keeping the t401 much longer than my average model.

It’s worth noting that this model was first released on Net10, and that’s the model I used for my review of the Samsung t401g. More recently, Straight Talk also added the t401to their roster of phones. Regardless of which service you go with, the phones will be identical in how they function. While a Straight Talk Model can’t be switched to Net10, or vice versa, for technical reasons, everything I write in this article applies to both versions, unless I specifically point out that it refers to just one of the services.

Moving on to the review, now: as I wrote above, I really have enjoyed using this handset. Below is an overview of my reasons:

1.      Reception is good

2.      Full, slide-out QWERTY keyboard is very convenient

3.      Texting rate for Net10 Pay-as-you-go plans is inexpensive compared to other models

4.      Built-in music player provides better-than-expected audio quality

5.      Camera captures 1.3 megapixels, and offers the option of video recording

6.      Extra storage capacity is available through the microSD card slot

7.      There are many ways to transmit data to or from the phone

8.      Battery life is quite good for a phone with so many features

9.      Screen is big and bright

10.  Specific ringtones can be assigned to any contact or group of contacts

11.  Ringtones can be mp3 clips

Of course, there are also a few things I didn’t like, as follows:

1.      Design is bulky and heavy to accommodate the keyboard and other extra features

  1. While call quality is good, it is not the best phone that I’ve tested in that area.
  2. If you want to use a wired headset for calls or listening to music, you’ll need to buy either a separate Samsung headset or an adapter.
  3. There has been some confusion on the Net10 pay-as-you-go plans, with this model deducting .5 units per text message instead of the advertised rate of .3 units (this won’t affect Net10’s monthly or unlimited plans, or Straight Talk versions)
  4. The video recorder is fun, but video is pretty grainy
  5. Even after discounts that I discuss in my full review, it is among the more expensive Net10 phones (it’s about average for Straight Talk).
  6. The browser button is hard-coded to activate the browser and cannot be re-programmed.
  7. Voice-activated dialing is not available on this model.

There you have a summary of my opinion on the Samsung t401g. For in-depth discussion of the items mentioned above and other things that I didn’t have time to mention, please read my full Samsung t401g review articles.

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LG 620g Review – plenty to like about this phone

lg 620g

I’ve just completed my in-depth LG 620g review for my blog, and here I’m giving a summary with just the key details. I also cover much more detail in the full review. These observations are from using the phone for nearly a month on Straight Talk’s service. (It is currently available from Straight Talk, but may come out for Net10 soon.)

One very important detail to know about this model is that it works on the AT&T network, compared to the Verizon network used by the first phones released by Straight Talk lineup. Now the LG 620g as well as the Samsung t401g and LG 420g GSM technology (AT&T network in the U.S.). This could be important if one network or the other is much better in your area. I always recommend that when picking a new phone, you start with network coverage.

Here are some more of my findings about his phone:

Above all else, I’ve found that it is VERY VERY good at receiving even a faint signal. I have found that the 620 is able make and receive calls in areas where most prepaid phones showed no signal.

I’ve also been impressed with the audio quality on calls, but I would say that performance in this area is good but not great. It’s worth noting that there’s a slight background “hiss” noise present during calls. In reality, I don’t believe this is a significant problem since many other (if not most) cell phones have similar issues. Basically, the very faint hissing did not impact my ability to understand the other party, and they did not hear any background noise when I was talking. This noise is not really even something I noticed right off the bat – it came to my attention when I was very critically listening for any imperfections. I guess it’s just an issue that we have gotten used to with mobile phones, because I think it’s pretty common.

Another big positive I found during my LG 620g review is the battery life, which I found to be amazing. I use this phone for about 100 minutes of talking and 200 text messages each week, as well as using the camera and a little bit of web browsing. I use the music player occasionally as well. With all that use, I have been getting around 5 days between charges, and that’s with leaving the phone turned on 24 hours a day.

This phone isn’t perfect, of course. There are a few things that I don’t like about it, but overall I have been very pleased. Of course, it’s possible that one or two of the things that I found as negatives could really annoy you. I discuss them all in my in-depth LG 620g review, which you can find here:

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